We provide data for non-commercial use, distribution, or reproduction in any medium, only if you properly cite the original work. If you are a commercial user, please contact us firstly.

  • All RNA-disease information: 343,273 entries Download
  • mRNA-disease information: 20,280 entries Download
  • miRNA-disease information: 214,386 entries Download
  • lncRNA-disease information: 76,871 entries Download
  • circRNA-disease information: 11,656 entries Download
  • piRNA-disease information: 14,057 entries Download
  • snoRNA-disease information: 1,138 entries Download
  • tRNA-disease information: 1,173 entries Download
  • miRNA-disease information: 237,329 entries Download
  • lncRNA-disease information: 348,176 entries Download
  • circRNA-disease information: 362,454 entries Download
  • piRNA-disease information: 48,779 entries Download

The data file we provided contains information of each entry arranged as following:

- RDID: unique identifier for each entry in RNADisease database

- RNA symbol: official RNA symbol

- RNA type: category of RNA

- Disease name: official disease name

- DO ID: disease ID in Disease Ontology

- MeSH ID: disease ID in MeSH

- KEGG disease ID: disease ID in KEGG

- Species: organism

- PMID: the PubMed ID of all references

- Score: the confidence score of the current entry

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