• For 'RNA Category', you can choose an RNA category, where 'All' means unlimited RNA category, 'miRNA' means only input miRNA, 'lncRNA' and 'circRNA' are the same.
  • For the input box,you can input the Symbol or RNA ID,and separated by the enter key.You can refer to the example.
  • When you need to input more than 1000 RNAs, you can consider inputting RNAs by uploading files, but the number of RNAs cannot exceed 2000.
  • The uploaded file must be a txt file with only one RNAs per line, separated by the Enter key.
  • For 'P Value' and 'FDR,you can input the number from 0~0.5 to limit the enrichment result.
  • For 'Max Count' and 'Min Count',you can input the number from 0~10000 to limit the enrichment result.And the count number mean the number of input RNA enriched to each disease.
  • For 'Match RNA Symbol',returns a list of RNA Symbol that were successfully matched in our database in the input RNA.

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