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Data Source: Score: From To Select the interval of confidence score.
  • For 'RNA Symbol', you can use official gene symbols such as 'hsa-miR-34a-5p' or 'XIST' etc.
  • For 'RNA ID', you can use keyword such as 'MIMAT0000255' or '282' etc.
  • For 'Disease Name', you can use keyword such as 'Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome' etc.
  • For 'Disease ID', you can use keyword such as Disease Ontology ID 'DOID:635' or MeSH ID 'D000163' etc.
  • The strong and weak evidence options are only valid for experimentally verified data search. If you need to search for computational prediction data, please directly select the 'Computational Prediction' option in 'Data source'.
  • To obtain all the experimental data of a certain species, select the species and 'Experiment Validation' as the data source, clear the 'Keyword' input box, then click 'Search'.
  • If you have trouble with searching, you can check the following tips.

1. For RNA, check if you use the official symbol or ID. Alias are not supported in RNADisease due to its inexplicit usage.
For convenience, you can switch to Fuzzy Search in this page.
2. Carefully select a category before you enter the keyword.
3. If you gained no result or too few results, you may use substring of the keyword.

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